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[JDEV] I'm back!

Hi all, I just hopped on quick to let everyone know that I've finally
recovered from a nasty flu/cold and am almost 100% better!  I'm very sorry
I haven't posted my "big update" yet, it's been pretty crazy this week
between mother nature and my hardware troubles.  But, I'm back to work on
it and am finding out that it's growing larger than I expected... 

It will be broken into 10 big chunks/emails, here's a quick TOC in no
particular order:
 - Intro
 - Overview
 - Protocol
 - JabberBox
 - Jabber Transport
 - Transports
 - Clients
 - Client Lib
 - Web Site
 - Code/CVS

I'll try to include enough information in these so we can start to form a
common base to move forward from.