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[JDEV] Intro, aka: "Big Status Update"


In the messages that follow are poorly written and loosely organized
collections of ideas on where to head with Jabber ;-)  Most of it has
already been mentioned in one way or another, but I've tried to collect
the ideas along with how the server currently operates as well as what I
was planning on doing.

I've made no effort to differentiate between what already works and what
doesn't.  What I want to do is start to collect some form of agreement(and
silence will count as agreement, *grin*) on the different topics, then go
make it work that way. 

All ideas, comments, criticisms, and flames welcome.  All topics will be
broken into their own email, and threads can be followed by topic as well
as displayed on the threaded view of the archive at
http://jabber.org/developers/archive/ Each topic will have a version
number associated with it "[1.0]" and as discussion progresses on certain
versions, I'll collect changes and release a new version.  This way
progress can be followed, and discussions on different versions can be
tracked separately.  If anyone wants to take any particular topic and
completely rewrite it since my writing style isn't that great, feel free! 

Here are the topics that will be arriving shortly in your Inbox:

	Quick catch-up on the terms and how all of the pieces work together.
	Some discussion about how to "correct" how the protocol works.
	How the JabberBox works.
	Quick and dirty guide on Transports and how to write one.
 Jabber Transport
	The main "server" process that Jabber clients connect to/deal with.
	The different kind of clients and what's expected of them.
 Client Lib
	Library to make writing command line clients easier on multi-user systems.

Misc Topics:

 Web Site
	Some restructuring and new ideas
	Issues/Topcs on these things, style guide, etc...