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Re: [JDEV] [Client Lib 1.0]

--- Jeremie wrote:
> I want Jabber to be 100% accessible EASILY through the command line.  This
> is not nearly as easy as one might think.  Since an authenticated
> connection must be made and maintained to the server, there will always
> need to be a background process.

I dont see any reason for any CLI daemon, if the CLI clients works like this:

      Compose/send simple messages, either typed or from STDIN
      [Connect to server;authenticate;send message;disconnect]
      Change/check current status, online, offline, away,
      [Connect to server;authenticate;get/set status;disconnect]
      View roster and status of users on your roster. Add/remove entries.
      [Connect to server;authenticate;get/set roster;disconnect]

      Start a threaded chat-like message communication with a user.
      (This is IMO not a command-line interface job. This can by it's
       very nature not be done as a one-shot deal. Start the real
       curses/gui-based client instead)

This solution requires that you can set your status to "semi-online", in
which case the jabber server should buffer messages.

I think a daemon on the client side is basically a bad idea, and can be
avoided. Correct me, if I'm wrong.

- Tue Wennerberg

PS. Great job, Jeremie. Keep it going!