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RE: [JDEV] [Code/CVS 1.0]

> This is of interest to me. I'm sooooo not an expert on XML but how are you
> going to partially form a XML document from transaction between client and
> server? Doesn't XML require a whole document to work? (Am I missing
> something obvious here?)

You're not missing anything at all :)

This is what I was originally worried about, and why the protocol was
really originally just a stream of mini-documents...

It ends up just being an issue with the XML parser: will the parser eat up
one single XML document in chunks?  Yes, as far as I can tell they all do
at some low level.  With Expat, you can just give it the string chunks
coming in over the wire and as it finds tags and other interesting XML
things in those strings, it calls functions to handle them. 

So it should work just fine, as pieces of the XML document come in, they
are sequentially analyzed for tags and functions are called immediately
when a tag is found.