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[JDEV] Update/CVS access

Hello all!

Things have been a bit quiet here on the list lately, but not in the
background... thanks to the gracious assistance of Nicholas Kirsch, we
seem to have CVS up and running correctly, and can now start letting
others have write access to the tree AS WELL AS hosting related code bases
such as other clients, transports, and modules.  If you are intersted in
either of these, email me and let me know.

Nick also configured cvsweb which I'll be putting up online this week, and
I'm looking at configuring a cvs mailing list for notifications of
checkins to the tree. 

Hopefully soon here things can start calming down and I can start checking
in code for 0.6 that includes expat(and new proto changes) and
autoconf(thank you again, Nick!), as well as a solid cleanup of the base
code and work on the new module api. 

Were still kickin people, coders welcome to join in! :)