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Re: [JDEV] Re: Jabber sigs/crypto

On Wed, 17 Feb 1999 qbradley@csc.UVic.CA wrote:
> loop.  What you would do is encrypt the message text but not the tags or
> recipient information.  This way the server just passes on the message,
> not knowing or caring that the text of the message can't be read without
> being decrypted.
yes. there should be a standard for encryption/decryption and the server
should contain no encryptic/decryptic code.

> Good luck!  I'm looking forward to a secure jabber :-)
yeah. if we have a secure system before we reach 1.0, it will be cool. it
will also help jabber to be popular. :)

ICQ is at v5 (v6?) and they're not there yet. (icq sucks anyway)