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[JDEV] Java Client

Hello, all -- been lurking for a few days.  Normally I like to lurk
longer before butting in to a list, but this is so darned exciting I
can't help it ... apologies accepted, I hope?

Anyway, I've seen some messages on Java stuff, and would just like to
offer to help anyone writing a Java client.  I'm not the absolute
hottest coder around, but I do pretty good, and enjoy Swing gui coding
(by hand, in Emacs -- none of those visual ide's here ;-).

Anyway, my thanks to all of you who are already helping to create this
*really* cool project, and if anyone wants help with Java coding, please
let me know!

Bill Graham   www2.tscnet.com/~wwg  (nuthin' special there, really)

Linux Hacker      Emacs Fanatic      Penguin Worshipper