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Re: [JDEV] Sources trees, CVS, and other ramblings..

> 	Well, I guess my next question would be is if we have any sort of tentative
> date for a working server that will use this protocol?  My suggestion would
> be to get the transport using it for the client connections first, so anyone
> workingon clients can get their act together the fastest..

It's always been "tomorrow" but I've barely had a chance to sit down and
catch up on email(obviously) in the last month... things seem to be
slowing down a bit though, so hopefully we'll see something this weekend!

> 	Also, I know there was mention of a CVS archive..  How often is it updated
> on the server side? Looking at the snaps on jabber.org, it appears to only
> be updated every so often.  Also I'd be interested in checking things in
> once I have these C++ classes ironed out.  I'm attempting to remove all
> dependencies on MFC so that they would be much more cross platform.  (IF
> anyone has plugin replacements for CString and CAsyncSocket, Email me, we'll
> do lunch!! ;-P)

It's updated nightly, but there hasn't been all that much activity over
the last month.  After I get some of the new XML stuff done and checked
in, things will start picking up dramatically.