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Re: [JDEV] [Code/CVS 1.0]

> Anyone should compile the sample/elements.c file from the expat package,
> and pipe something like 
> <login>
>     <user>jeremie</user>
>     <pass>Ph0niks</pass>
>     <name>jabalot</name>
> </login>
> into it. That was an ahaaa experience for me. It's a very small example on
> how to use expat.

I did EXACTLY that :)  And am now forming ideas on how I'm going to
integrate it... I'll probably build a tree-like structure and have
individual chunks(like logins, or messgaes, whatever) be parsed into a
common tree-like data structure, and have a few handy functions to pull
data out of that structure... still thinking, but I wont start
playing/coding till I get the CVS stuff figured out though...