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Re: [JDEV] [Web Site 1.0]

> I would suggest using Bugzilla some day. It's a web-based bugtracking
> utility developed and used at mozilla.org, as well as used by RedHat 
> for bugtracking. I checked it out a few days ago, and it's pretty cool 
> for large projects.

That's the plan... all in good time...

> > [snip] Jabber is the protocol, not the distro/code available,
> > anyone can write the code, we're just providing a base implementation.
> We might want to give the Client Lib a special "reference implementation"
> licence, allowing proprietary software to be built upon it. I'm not sure.
> The rest could be GPL'ed, or something, as long as it's Open Source [tm].

Hmmm... yes, I considered this, but decided to wait until it was written
and see how much it ends up containing.

I'm thinking that it will not really be all that difficult for
"proprietary software" to impliment their own ways of accessing the
server, and most GUI clients on other OS's will probably also do the same.
IMHO the client lib will really only be handy on platforms where a user
might be using multiple pieces of software(CLI or GUI) to access one
single account/connection, where the client lib can negotiate a shared
connection to the server.

Say, on Windows or the Mac, using the available XML parser for that
platform and doing simple TCP connections isn't going to be all that
challenging that a client lib would offer much help, but I haven't
thought about it much and might very well be quite wrong.

I guess, my real take on this is if the client isn't GPL, then they can
write their own code since it's relatively simple to do so ;-)