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[JDEV] [Code/CVS 1.0]

#### CVS

I need to figure out how to make CVS work on the server side safely.  I'd
like to do everything through pserver, but I don't know that it's possible

After I have CVS working:
	+Set up a commit message mailing list for the core developers
	+Host other clients/transports as needed
	+Allow others to check in changes

#### Code

There are lots of issues that need to be addressed here:

	==> Makefile/Configuration
		-> Use the standard configure

			[I'm not sure we really need this and I've never liked it much,
but if someone is really good with it and want's to maintain this part I'm
not going to get in the way]

		-> Roll our own

			[Similar to how Apache works(pre 1.3) with the ./Configure shell
script.  I really like this idea and I think we might be able to get away
with it, but I don't like shell scripts and don't plan on writing it]

		-> Get away with just basic Makefile's

			[I'm not sure if we can do this, I'd like to if possible, but I
don't know if we'll hit some things that will be impossible to get around
on certain platforms if we don't dynamically generate parts of the

	==> Platform Specific Code

		[There's none right now, that's right, not a drop.  I'd love to
keep it this way, but I'm thinking that there will be certain things that
should be tweaked on certain platforms.  Simple ifdef's and a make-passed
uname -s definition for OS should suffice, no?]

	==> Code Style

		[I'm open to suggestions, and now that I have a fast *nix platform
here at home I can start happily learning emacs(again) and fix the
indentation.  Right now it's a simple whitespace-happy style, all {}'s on
their own lines and spaces around all operators and after all commas]

	==> Expat

		[All XML needs to start passing through expat.  I started looking
at it, and am definitely going to need some help making it work, not sure
I totally understand it yet but it's integration will happen]

	==> String functions

		[I want to clean up all string use.  Add to the common lib a
wrapper around all OS string operations and make all string calls safe to
pass NULL's and empty strings to, and make sure it's known when new memory
is being allocated/returned]