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Re: [JDEV] [Code/CVS 1.0]

On Wed, 3 Feb 1999, Jeremie wrote:

> #### CVS
> I need to figure out how to make CVS work on the server side safely.  I'd
> like to do everything through pserver, but I don't know that it's possible
> yet. 
> After I have CVS working:
> 	+Set up a commit message mailing list for the core developers
> 	+Host other clients/transports as needed
> 	+Allow others to check in changes

There are a couple of problems with using the CVS pserver. Anyone who has
write access can do almost anything on the system. But assuming you let
trusted developers, you shouldn't have a problem. The CVS passwords are
encoded using a very simple scheme. However, also assuming that your CVS
passwords are different from users on the box, you shouldn't have a

If you need any help setting this up, feel free to contact me.

> #### Code
> There are lots of issues that need to be addressed here:
> 	==> Makefile/Configuration
> 		-> Use the standard configure
> 			[I'm not sure we really need this and I've never liked it much,
> but if someone is really good with it and want's to maintain this part I'm
> not going to get in the way]

I think this is the best way. We want to make this easy to use, flexible,
and compatible. Autoconf/Automake are two of the best utilities to ensure
this. I have some experience in this area, as I'm sure others do as well.

> 	==> Platform Specific Code
> 		[There's none right now, that's right, not a drop.  I'd love to
> keep it this way, but I'm thinking that there will be certain things that
> should be tweaked on certain platforms.  Simple ifdef's and a make-passed
> uname -s definition for OS should suffice, no?]

This is one place using the traditional Autoconf/Automake combination can
really make a difference.

> 	==> Code Style
> 		[I'm open to suggestions, and now that I have a fast *nix platform
> here at home I can start happily learning emacs(again) and fix the
> indentation.  Right now it's a simple whitespace-happy style, all {}'s on
> their own lines and spaces around all operators and after all commas]

I'm not a fan of the old K&R style, but love the whitespace friendly
environment.. However, C is C, so whatever works best.. 

> 	==> Expat
> 		[All XML needs to start passing through expat.  I started looking
> at it, and am definitely going to need some help making it work, not sure
> I totally understand it yet but it's integration will happen]
> 	==> String functions
> 		[I want to clean up all string use.  Add to the common lib a
> wrapper around all OS string operations and make all string calls safe to
> pass NULL's and empty strings to, and make sure it's known when new memory
> is being allocated/returned]

Nicholas Kirsch