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Re: [JDEV] [Code/CVS 1.0]

> There are a couple of problems with using the CVS pserver. Anyone who has
> write access can do almost anything on the system. But assuming you let
> trusted developers, you shouldn't have a problem. The CVS passwords are
> encoded using a very simple scheme. However, also assuming that your CVS
> passwords are different from users on the box, you shouldn't have a
> problem.

Unfortunately, although I administer this box(holding the site/CVS/etc),
it's not one that I can let anyone have shell access to.  I've got no
problem allowing trusted developers to have full CVS access, but I don't
know how to do that yet :)

> If you need any help setting this up, feel free to contact me.

Absolutely!  Let's take this offline then, and see if we can't get a solid
safe CVS archive up and running, thanks!

> [zap'd part on autoconf/automake]
> I think this is the best way. We want to make this easy to use, flexible,
> and compatible. Autoconf/Automake are two of the best utilities to ensure
> this. I have some experience in this area, as I'm sure others do as well.

Good, after we get the CVS archive up and running, anyone knowing how to
do this can take over this part and add in support for it, I'll try to
pick it up as we go...

> I'm not a fan of the old K&R style, but love the whitespace friendly
> environment.. However, C is C, so whatever works best.. 

I don't know what style I'm using, the only part I really care about is
putting the {}s on their own lines:
	if(x > 1)

I'm sure we can find some nicely written style guide out there to agree
on???  Apache's is here: http://dev.apache.org/styleguide.html and we
could use that as a base to go from?