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Re: [JDEV] [Code/CVS 1.0]

First, a general evaluation of the first month of open source:

Jeremie, you've done an excellent job! One thing that has lacked, however,
is the fundamental rule of Open Source Development: 

              "Release often!"

This means updating something in the CVS daily (or at *least* bi-weekly).
The best way to accomplish this is if you put all your effort from now on 
into getting CVS up running, and distributing responsibility to various 

All IMHO, of course.  :-)

--- Jeremie wrote:
> #### CVS
> I need to figure out how to make CVS work on the server side safely.  I'd
> like to do everything through pserver, but I don't know that it's possible
> yet. 

I think I saw somewhere that you could make CVS work with SSH access.
That'd be great. SSH is God's gift to network administration (which you
probably know, since jabber.org runs a sshd).

BTW, the CVS source tree should be cleaned up. My suggestion is:


Maybe the "jabber-transport" should be placed under /jabberserver.

> #### Code
>     [...]
>     ==> Code Style
>         [I'm open to suggestions, ...]

The coding style for the linux kernel is in 
on a standard linux system. We might want to use 4 instead of 8 spaces for

- Tue Wennerberg