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Re: [JDEV] [Web Site 1.0]

Jeremie wrote:
> [snip]
> In the Developers area, [... a developer can ...]  enter/track bugs.

I would suggest using Bugzilla some day. It's a web-based bugtracking
utility developed and used at mozilla.org, as well as used by RedHat 
for bugtracking. I checked it out a few days ago, and it's pretty cool 
for large projects.

> [snip] Jabber is the protocol, not the distro/code available,
> anyone can write the code, we're just providing a base implementation.

We might want to give the Client Lib a special "reference implementation"
licence, allowing proprietary software to be built upon it. I'm not sure.
The rest could be GPL'ed, or something, as long as it's Open Source [tm].

- Tue