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Re: [JDEV] [Web Site 1.0]

> This brings up a sticky point perhaps someone could help me understand.  I
> was working with an artist on an interface for a Jabber client.  In my
> opinion it looks very cool, and operates very effectively.  However, it
> makes use of a lot of original art created by the artist.  Artists are
> an order of magnitude more concerned about IP issues than comptuer
> scientists.  I've looked through the GPL and I'm not sure it would apply
> well to the art.  Either the art would fall under the category of
> something that stands alone, in which case it would not be GPL when
> seperated from the code, or perhaps not.  In any case, if a client library
> was LGPL, I could use it while keeping other parts of the program, such as
> the artwork, "proprietary".  
> If I can't come up with a decent solution, my other options are just using
> a traditional interface (Will we be stuck with last decades GUI concepts
> forever?!) because the artist won't risk losing his reputation by letting
> go of control of his art, or to write a completely proprietary client,
> which would be boring and useless, IMHO.
> Any thoughts?

First, I'm very intersted to see a cool interface, it could be the "killer
app" for Jabber :)

IANAL(I Am Not A Lawyer) but I really don't think the GPL specifically
covers anything but source code, and if the "art" is just some
graphics/skins for the app, it wouldn't be covered.  If the art was turned
into a big hex array and included in the source, it might be covered, but
otherwise I would think you're safe... but that's just IMHO.