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Re: [JDEV] Servers and specs

> Okay. I have a lot of the main MacOS functionality down.  My next project is
> actually interfacing with the servers.
> I looked through the web site hoping to find definitions for some of the
> features and which parts of the config.x file to change.  Is there a more in
> depth list of definitions?  I'm assuming <listen> is the IP address of my
> machine.  But I don't really know for sure.  I'm pretty stupid.  I'll even
> let you configure it for my server.

config.x is just a "prototype" for testing, there are only a few parts
that actually do anything and need to be configured, and the important one
is <name>yourhostname</name> so that it will answer queries sent to that
address.  Everything else should work fine as-is.

> What is 'priority'?  Can we make a manual of all the XML commands that
> Jabber uses similar to the W3C definitions of HTML?

Priority isn't really in use or defined much at this point, it's intended
to be able to provide the functionality of telling a client that a message
is "high priority" even if it is in do not disturb mode...  This is
something that I'd like to work out after we have a few working test
clients and many of the currently planned changes done on the server side.

And definately yes, I'd love to improve the manual, but I've been focusing
on making the code/server work before writing how it works at this point