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[JDEV] Another Hat in the Ring..

	Hello, everyone..

		I've finally went and joined the list, as I'm nearly to a point where I'm
ready to start talking..  To make a long story short, here's what I'm
working on currently (And have been for roughly a week)

	1) An MFC based 'JabberClient' class that can be used by programmers to add
jabber functionality to roughly anything, including using it to write new
clients without dealing with the protocol and sockets and the such..

	2) The above in DLL form, so that ANY language that can use DLL's can use
the above..

	3) Compiling the jabberbox and jabber.transport into NT based services.
Haven't really worked on this yet past design stages, really..

	Most of my work currently is based on #1 above.  My main goal is to make it
as easy as possible for people to write clients with different user
interfaces, and tap into the vast market of (PLEASE no one take offence to
this) idiotic VB programmers who aren't really at a level of programming to
deal with Blocking socket connections and the such..

	The actual JabberClient class I'm currently using is now Threaded, so it
takes care of all communications to/from the server on it's own, and allows
the application itself to go on it's merry way.

	Currently, the application needs to check for messages and the such that
the JabberClient class stores in a buffer.  In the future, the client can
'register' what ype of messages it can recieve, so as to inform users that
send messages that the client can't handle that particular type current..
This is to support future expansion of <j type='somethingfunny'>.  Perfect
example is if Jabber interfaced with irc in any way in the future, and there
where <j type='ircinvite'> for an IRC user to invite a Jabber user to a
channel on irc.  If the client did not support it in any way, a short
message stating this would be sent back to the sender..

	I'm blabbering, aren't I? ;-P

Thomas Charron
United Parcel Service
Northeast Region
IE Software Developer
"Moving at the speed of a T3 Trunk Line!"