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Re: [JDEV] Another Hat in the Ring..

> 	Hello, everyone..
> 		I've finally went and joined the list, as I'm nearly to a point where I'm
> ready to start talking..  To make a long story short, here's what I'm
> working on currently (And have been for roughly a week)
> 	1) An MFC based 'JabberClient' class that can be used by programmers to add
> jabber functionality to roughly anything, including using it to write new
> clients without dealing with the protocol and sockets and the such..
> 	2) The above in DLL form, so that ANY language that can use DLL's can use
> the above..
> 	3) Compiling the jabberbox and jabber.transport into NT based services.
> Haven't really worked on this yet past design stages, really..

This is GREAT stuff!!!  Allowing the win32 platform developers easy access
to add Jabber functionality will really help the adoption of Jabber, not
just in making it easy to write clients, but other pieces of software
could easily adopt Jabber as a way to open a "channel" to others users
using the software, for gaming, messaging, data transfer, anything!

If someone doesn't get to it before me, I've been thinking about how
nicely Jabber would go with Winamp's Shoutcast.  You could set up a
special Jabber server that would accept connections from clients(Winamp
plugin on those who are listening to a shoutcast broadcast) and
connections from servers(Winamp broadcasters), and the servers would send
a message to the special server every time a new song started playing, and
the listeners/clients would send a special message when they connect
telling the custom jabber server what "servers" they want to get messages
from or just get messages from all servers playing "rock" songs or look
for particular names of songs, etc...  that was all a bit rushed but I'm
otta time and gotta take off(go skiing) soon... and it would all just be a
prototype system based on jabber anyway :)

> 	I'm blabbering, aren't I? ;-P

Not at all, this is really great!

I just have to get to work on the server and update it using expat and
other changes, and we can start making some serious progress towards a
true public release.

Also, we have CVS available if you'd like to host your source tree up
here and use it for development... just let me know!  :-)