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RE: [JDEV] Well-formed XML.

> >Speaking of expat...
> >
> >I was looking at the expat code in Visual C++ with an eye to porting it to
> >MacOS. It started to get a little bit hairy when I noticed all the file
> >mapping code. Why is it there?
> >
> >Is there an expat expert in the group? (Jeremie???)
> expat ports very easily to MacOS. Just make sure you define the correct 
> bit-gender (little vs big indian)
> I've ported it and can make it available.


I'm guessing the file mapping part you were talking about is part of the
xmlwf app, which is just an example unix application utilizing expat.  The
real heart of expat is the xmltok and xmlparse sits on that to make it a
little more paletable...

I'm no expat-expert though :)